Coaching that Focuses on Developing Skills, Building Strategy and Taking Massive Action

Doesn’t matter what your objectives are, the coach you hire has to help you move from where you are right now to where you want to be. Motivational speeches, coercion, and manipulation, commonly used practices, don’t work. It takes a coach who has expertise and experience and who is effective at helping you make changes.

At Unstopped, we succeed because we focus on you. We equip you with skills, help you build your resilience, and get you to rethink your thinking. We encourage,you to take massive action, equipping you with the knowledge you need to understand what is working. And once you know what’s not working, you know how to adjust your plan. We inspire you to continue to take action.

We specialize in coaching in Business, Sales, and Career.

If you think that the coaching methodologies should be entirely different for each category, think again. The fundamental skills needed for all three are the same. Skills such as leadership, communication, branding, and sales are crucial, regardless of your profession. The only difference is the extent to which you’ll use each skill. Some professionals require more of one and not so much of the other.

For a partial list of skills we equip professionals with, go here

Don’t let any situation and lack of a skill and/or confidence get in the way of you achieving your Goal.
Be Unstopped!

We will develop a program specific to your goals. Here is a glimpse into some of the ways we help you.

Sales Coaching

Having a powerful sales process, methodology and skills are very important but without resilience, perseverance and mental toughness a salesperson will only have mediocre success.

Through assessments, we look at your strengths and challenges and equip you to meet the demands placed on your performance.

We also equip you with a sales stack that will help you to be more efficient, effective and profitable and give you a competitive advantage.

Executive/ Entrepreneurs Coaching

There is nothing more rewarding than leading others. Leading is not only about completing projects successfully. It also requires team building and an ability to inspire those you manage. Although rewarding, leadership can be extremely stressful, challenging and isolating.

Unstopped Coaching gives you an edge. When innovative ideas strike, you need to have someone who is objective and trained to help you think through, execute and take massive action on your vision. Unstopped Coaching helps you get your ideas off the ground faster, communicate more powerfully and handle conflict with ease.

Career Coaching

At our core, we all want work that inspires us to get up in the morning and challenges us to push through our limits and grow.

After spending an inordinate amount on an education, many professionals are still not equipped with the proper marketing, personal branding, communication and networking skills necessary to land the position they have spent a lifetime getting ready for.

After a huge investment, they feel stuck in an unsatisfying job or a career that feels stale.

For many, education and credentials don’t get them very far. Unstopped Coaching helps professionals in career development, from resume building to negotiating compensation. For example, Unstopped Coaching will help you:

  • Find a mentor
  • Find inspiring sponsors
  • Take on high visibility assignments
  • Create opportunities within current employment
  • Define and execute your job search strategy
  • Write effective emails
  • Master interview skills
  • Perfect the art of networking
  • Overcome anxiety caused by speaking up at meetings
  • Gain the confidence to approach leaders

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